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Equipped with only a Shot List and your camera gear, attempt to document life in space and expose corporate atrocities while surviving the void’s unspeakable horrors.

Meet the crew!

Shoot Footage, Not Guns!

ARKYVR is a multimedia MOTHERSHIP 1E setting & toolkit to play documentary filmmakers in space for 1-4 players and 1 GM. 


Players will choose what stories to follow and which moments to record. If an ARKYVR happens to survive their film shoot, they must decide how to distribute the footage. Some clients will pay a handsome price to cover up their dirty work while others will use it to lead a revolution.


How will you use your craft to shift the balance of power in the universe? Will you even live long enough to tell the story?

Created by and in collaboration with industry filmmakers!

ARKYVR is a 64-page, perfect bound, full color zine that brings a unique vision to deadly space adventures through the lens of a camera!


"ARKYVR understood the assignment from front to back and it is the reason I finally started reading Mothership. A module so cool that it makes you pick up the core rulebook? There's no stronger recommendation than that."

Twenty Sided Newsletter

  • Existing module compatibility

  • Authentic film protocols and on-set dynamics

  • New character classes, gear, and skills

  • New pre-production, production, and post-production character actions

  • Customizable post-production facility options for your ship

  • Hackable lore to add corporate propaganda and intrigue into your games

  • Legacy media tables containing flavorful multimedia excerpts from humanity's past

  • Randomized filming conditions, capture failures, industry backgrounds, and much more!

  • Diversity Saves Grant recipient

  • Funded in participation with ZineMonth 2024 and Crowdfundr's Tabletop Non-stop

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