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Night Terrors is a system-neutral bestiary supplement for Traysikel: Ride or Die

or for your custom fantasy/horror campaign. Inspired by Southeast Asian folklore and did I mention it's FREE on right now?

Features 5 Aswang profiles: each including illustrations, game text, and flavor to bring plenty of depth to your night time encounters. 

We're proud to be presenting our entire collection of work at this year's Gen Con 2023. Find us at booth #2763 where we'll have exclusive bundles and limited print copies of Night Terrors!!


About Alewood Games

Storytelling games for the rebellious spirit.

Alewood Games is an indie tabletop game publishing company run by filmmakers. We see games as a cinematic & expressive art form and we fully intend to explore its storytelling capabilities.

"The game itself is an event, it is an excitement, and it is something that you talk about."
- Lance Myxter from Undead Viking


"This game really blurs the line between what is a tabletop roleplaying game, what is real life, what is art?"

- Zach from The Known Unknown


This (Giga-Robo!) OST is awesome. Just the right feel!

- Crosis101

Traysikel - Ride or Die!

"Traysikel is kinetic, immersive, and full of Southeast Asian swagger."

- Alex H. Cheng from Cardboard Dynamo


Explore the project links below to find details on development, releases, distribution, events, and more!



Drinking Card Game


3-6 Players

45 Minutes

An inclusive Wild West drinking card game. Alewood hilariously re-imagines the drinking game format by rewarding thematic roleplaying and giving players tactical choices based on how much or little they choose to drink. Alcohol not required.


Remember Frankie?

Storytelling Game


3-4 Players

45 Minutes

A storytelling game about creating a shared history at the crossroads of memory and fiction. Players will reminisce about an imaginary person using real memories - playfully twisting the facts of their story to create a thematic veil of mystery while emphasizing the connection they have to each other.


Giga-Robo! OST

Original Soundtrack (Game)

All Ages

34 Minutes

GIGA-ROBO! is an original & thematic tabletop game designed by Cardboard Dynamo's Alex Cheng. This official original soundtrack is a sonic adaptation of the game's characters, personalities and archetypes. If GIGA-ROBO! was a real OAV from our youth, this is how it would sound.


-Ride or Die-

OSR Adventure Module


2-5 Players

4 Hours

In participation with ZineMonth 2023: Traysikel is a dual-pamphlet system-agnostic fantasy motorcycle adventure for 1-4 Players and 1 GM. Your rebel cabbie must ferry a Babaylan fugitive across the jungle mountain on a tricycle taxi! Battle nightmarish monsters while navigating the island’s violent colonial occupation and its brewing revolution.

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