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Remember Frankie?

Storytelling Game | 14+ | 3-4 Players | 45 Minutes

Tell all your secrets, lie about your past, and turn it all into a song.

Remember Frankie? is a storytelling game about creating a shared history at the crossroads of memory and fiction for 3-4 players. Players will reminisce about an imaginary person using real memories - playfully twisting the facts of their story to create a thematic veil of mystery. Anecdotal stories about Frankie are accompanied by stylized lyrics composed by the other players - breathing life into Frankie’s persona while emphasizing the connection players have to each other. 

Rhodrick Magsino - Game Designer

David Pedersen - Editor

E. Robin Magsino - Artist

Kim Johnson LMHC, MT-BC  - Mental Health Advisor


  • Zine Digest 5.5" x 8.5"

  • Full Color

  • 56 Pages

  • Saddle Stitched Binding

  • Matte Lamination Cover - 110lbs Cover Weight

  • Satin Pages - 80lbs Page Weight



"This game really blurs the line between what is a tabletop roleplaying game, what is real life, what is art? And is just this perfect mixture."
"It's magic, it's art, it's a lie the reveals a greater truth about what it means to be human."
"All in all, Remember Frankie? is a game with a lot of style backed up with real substance. The zine looks great, and I’m really excited to play it."

Remember Frankie? Features...

  • An atmospheric storytelling experience inspired by the musical moods of Tom Waits.

  • Rules easy enough to teach and play in under an hour.

  • Story mechanics that allow players to blend real memories into the fiction of the game.

  • Supportive communal storytelling that encourages personal connection between players.

  • Licensed Mental Health Clinicians (LMHC) approved game settings for group therapy.

  • 13 thematic prompts & charts that challenge players to explore their past in new ways.

  • Collaborative lyric writing and a campaign mode to create full songs.

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