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Traysikel Map full.png

Traysikel: Ride or Die!

Adventure Module | 14+ | 2-5 Players | 4 Hours

You are the cabbies who ferry without question, commune with spirits, and cross steel against colonizers.

In participation with ZineMonth 2023: Traysikel is a dual-pamphlet system-agnostic fantasy motorcycle adventure for 1-4 Players and 1 GM. Your rebel cabbie must ferry a Babaylan fugitive across the jungle mountain on a tricycle taxi! Battle nightmarish monsters while navigating the island’s violent colonial occupation and its brewing revolution.


This fast-paced, point crawl module features tricycle customization and unique travel rules to give a "motorcycle diaries" style journey across a horror/fantasy setting within a fictional Philippines. Traysikel draws its themes from 400 years of imperial colonialism in an alternate reality where indigenous magic and monsters still dominate the archipelago. Game design and art by a Filipino-American creative team. Traysikel funded on Crowdfundr - March 2nd, 2023.

Digital available now on itch, physical copies available at Exalted Funeral.

Rhodrick Magsino - Game Designer

Ramon Gil - Cover Artist

Roz Leahy - Cop Editor


  • Two - Tri-Fold Pamphlets 8.5" x 11"

  • Full Color or B/W



""Immediately engaging and immersive--cinematic and accessible in equal measures! Traysikel is a wild and exciting ride. The setting is revealed in a way that kept me hooked into the lore while constantly (delightfully) navigating the action."

William L. Cox (Outsider)

"A versatile adventure that can jump-start a campaign, serve as its climax, or stand on its own as a truly unique one-shot. Traysikel is kinetic, immersive, and full of Southeast Asian swagger."

Alex H. Cheng (Giga-Robo!)

"Just reading this adventure sent me on a path of researching more about Filipino folklore and history, which I think is really cool to get out of only a few pages."

Declan (Horsepondmine)

"(The Traysikel) is almost like a face of the group. I really like that. I like how that Style stat plays in with everything. It's just a really good way to tell the narrative."


Traysikel Features...

  • Dual-pamphlet design with interactive playmat for Players and story queues for GM.

  • Non-stop action and memorable NPCs in an adventure that unfolds in a single night.

  • Imperial colonialism & Filipino revolution translated into a dark fantasy adventure.

  • Motorcycle combat, travel, and customization for a unique trek through the jungle.

  • Point-Crawl adventure with randomized events, settings, and encounters.

  • Detailed Monster & Encounter descriptions inspired by indigenous folklore and history.

  • Style mechanics that throw players into the hot political center of a polarizing revolution.

  • Curated 4-hour music playlist for Game Master prep, or real-time gameplay.

  • Cover art by Filipino comic artist Ramon Gil.

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