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OSR Supplement / Toolkit | 14+ | 2-5 Players | 4 Hours

"The coverage did not include filming the deaths of your crewmates."

In participation with ZineMonth 2024: ARKYVR is a film-documentarian toolkit for Mothership 1E where players put their lives and sanity on the line to make a movie in an alien infested kill zone. Assigned with a Shot List of footage deliverables; documentary crews will venture into dangerous locations to capture its sights, sounds, and stories. Players will choose what stories to follow and which moments to record. If an ARKYVR happens to survive their film shoot, they must decide how to distribute the footage. Some clients will pay a handsome price to cover up their dirty work while others will use it to lead a revolution.


How will you use your craft to shift the balance of power in the universe? Will you even live long enough to tell the story?

Distribution begins September 2024

Taking Pre-Orders and Retailer Bulk Orders

Rhodrick Magsino - Writer, Layout & Additional Art

Alex H. Cheng - Film Industry Advisor & Component Graphic Designer

Samantha Leigh - Editor

Elliot Davis - Guest Writer

William L. Cox - Guest Writer

Wolfordeer Colony - Cover Artist

Logan Espartero - Character & Equipment Artist


  • 64-page, A5, perfect bound zine

  • Full Color



"ARKYVR understood the assignment from front to back and it is the reason I finally started reading Mothership. A module so cool that it makes you pick up the core rulebook? There's no stronger recommendation than that."

Twenty Sided Newsletter

“A first-of-its-kind setting and character focused ruleset that doesn’t just skin Mothership with another genre—ARKYVR innovates, immersing players into the real-life strife of the film industry through the lens of cosmic horror.”

Alex H. Cheng (Giga-Robo!)


ARKYVR Features...

  • Existing module compatibility

  • Authentic film protocols and on-set dynamics

  • New character classes, gear, and skills

  • New pre-production, production, and post-production character actions

  • Customizable post-production facility options for your ship

  • Hackable lore to add corporate propaganda and intrigue into your games

  • Legacy media tables containing flavorful multimedia excerpts from humanity's past

  • Randomized filming conditions, capture failures, industry backgrounds, and much more!

  • Diversity Saves Grant recipient

  • Funded in participation with ZineMonth 2024 and Crowdfundr's Tabletop Non-stop

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